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cafe paradise mimosa punch

Cafe Paradise Mimosa Punch

Source: Chef Shelley Sims - Cafe Paradise, Norfolk, Virginia - WVEC 13 News @ Noon

You can make this as an alcohol or non-alcohol punch.

3 bottles Ballatore Asti Spumante
2 (12 ounce) cans goya, pineapple and guava nectar

Non-alcoholic version
Substitute ginger ale for Asti Spumante and Minute Maid berry
    punch for goya, pineapple & guava nectar)
1 box frozen Bird's Eye raspberries
3 oranges cut into supremes

Pour juice into bottom of punch bowl. Add frozen raspberries and orange supremes. Add champagne when guests arrive.

Good for small groups. Don't leave out more than an hour because of the sparkling wine.

Transfers well to single portions in individual glasses, say for a holiday brunch... Just add 2-3 orange supremes, 3-4 raspberries, and 1/4 cup of juice. Top off with Asti Spumante.

Festive ice bowl
You'll need two big mixing bowls, one a little smaller, lined in plastic wrap to make unmolding easy. Secure the two together with a gap one-inch thick with tape in 3 spots, then add red rose petals, sliced star fruit, and kumquats all throughout the gap. Add water, freeze for a few days.

To unmold, remove the big bowl first, then the smaller bowl. Store in freezer until needed.

Use big palm fronds or banana leaves under ice bowl, set the sculpture on a platter large and deep enough to catch the water runoff as it thaws.

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