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grilled quesadillas

Grilled Quesadillas

From the kitchen of Kevin Taylor, the BBQ Guru

Here are some really easy ideas for quesadillas. I grill these but you can cook in an oven as well.

I simply get some tortillas (flour or corn, your choice). On these put a layer of cheese (your choice) first. Then, if want meat (again any meat will work, just be sure it is cooked!) spread that on top. Then layer tomatoes, black olives and hot peppers and top off with another layer of cheese and finally the top tortilla. Having 2 layers of cheese will help to adhere the two tortillas together.

Now, do this before you start.....get a 30 x 12-inch piece of foil and place the bottom tortilla on the foil. Layer your stuff as above. Then put the top tortilla on and wrap tightly in foil. Poke a few holes in the foil.

Heat oven or grill to 350 degrees F and bake for about 15 minutes. Now, if you put meat in these, you will want to cook on one side for about 7 minutes and then flip and finish them.

Cut into 6 pieces (like a pie) and serve with hot sauce and/or sour cream.

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